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  • V:. E:. Deputy Grand Commander     William P. Leonard, Leavenworth Commandery #1
  • E:. Grand Generalissimo                      Gary A. Mason, Mt Olivet Commandery #12
  • E:. Grand Captain General                  Frederick R. Kemp, Ivanhoe Commandery #21
  • E:. Grand Senior Warden                     Justin D. Crippen, Mt. Olivet Commandery #12
  • E:. Grand Junior Warden                      Patrick C. Carr, Askelon Commandery #6
  • E:. Grand Prelate                                   Roger L. Walls, Junction City Commandery #43
  • R:. E:. Grand Treasurer                        T. Michael Fegan, Junction City Commandery #43
  • E:. Grand Recorder                              Allan D. Jackson, DeMolay Commandery #4
  • E:. Grand Standard Bearer                 Gary B. Strout, Leavenworth Commandery #1
  • E:. Grand Sword Bearer                       
  • E:. Grand Warder                                 Ivan M. DeTevis, St Bernard Commandery #10

  • E:. Grand Sentinel                               Warren L. Hughes, Esdraelon Commandery #49
  • E:. Grand Musician                              Dennis L. Reed, DeMolay Commandery #4

  • E:. Grand Guard                                   Thomas M. Krauss, Askelon Commandery #6

  • E:. Grand Guard                                   Delmus R. Morrow, Askelon Commandery #6
  • E:. Grand Guard                                   Douglas R. Wettlaufer, Ivanhoe Commandery #21

  • Grand Commander’s Aide-de-camp   T. Michael Fegan, REPGC
  • Grand Commander’s Aide-de-camp   L. Kent Needham, REPGC
  • Grand Commander's Aide-de-camp   Wayne H. Rollf, REPGC

Templary in Action in Kansas

Between conferrals in Liberal and the Knight Templar Honor Guard, the Grand Commandery of Kansas has been extremely busy. 

The first annual Knight Templar Feast was a huge success as Templars from across the region celebrated 350 feet underground in the Strataca Salt Mine.

Grand Encampment of Knights Templar, U.S.A.

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