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M:.I:. Grand Master                               John T. Staton, Wichita Council #12

R:.I:. Deputy Grand Master                 Gary A. Mason, Wichita Council #12

R:.I:. Grand Principal                            L. Kent Needham, Lawrence Council #14

          Conductor of the Work              

M:.I:. Grand Treasurer                           T. Michael Fegan, Junction City Council 22

M:.I:. Grand Recorder                           Allan D. Jackson, Lawrence Council #14

I:. Grand Chaplain                                 Joseph A. Withrow, Wichita Council #12

I:. Grand Captain of the Guard           Gary B. Strout, Leavenworth Council #1

I:. Grand Conductor of the Council   Robert B. Haynes, Junction City Council #22

I:. Grand Marshal                                  Robert D. Beardsley, Wichita Council #12

I:. Grand Custodian of the Work        James L. York, Independence Council #15 

I:. Grand Steward                                  Ronald E. Phipps, Iola Council #8

I:. Grand Sentinel                                  James R. Burns,III, Leavenworth Council #1



Council Conferrals in Goodland and Liberal 

The Companions of the Grand Council, and Cryptic Masons from the constituent Councils, have performed conferrals in both Liberal and Goodland. 

More conferrals will be scheduled in the future. Be sure to watch the website and publications for more information.

We would welcome you as part of a degree team.

Cryptic Masons International

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