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M:.E:. Grand High Priest             Wayne H. Rollf, Leavenworth Chapter #2

R:.E:. Grand King                          Michael N. Terry, Salina Chapter #18

R:.E:. Grand Scribe                       John T. Staton, Wichita Chapter #33

R:.E:. Grand Treasurer                T. Michael Fegan, Junction City Chapter #17

M:.E:. Grand Secretary               Allan D. Jackson, Lawrence Chapter #4

E:. Grand Chaplain                      Kelly J. Long, Salina Chapter #18

E:. Grand Captain of the Host   Roger L. Walls, Junction City Chapter #17

R:.E:. Principal Sojourner          Gary B. Strout, Leavenworth Chapter #2

E:. Royal Arch Captain               Patrick C. Carr, Salina Chapter #18

E:. Grand Master of 3rd Veil     Gary A. Mason, Wichita Chapter #33

E:. Grand Master of 2nd Veil    Wayne D. Drake, Lawrence Chapter #4

E:. Grand Master of 1stVeil       Warren L. Hughes, Iola Chapter #8

E:. Grand Sentinel                      Frederick R. Kemp, Wyandotte Chapter #6

E:. Assistant Grand Sentinel     James R. Burns III, Leavenworth Chapter #2

R:.E:. DDGHP District #1           Jamie L. Carwell, Mt. Horeb Chapter #43

R:.E:. DDGHP District #2          Warren L. Hughes, Iola Chapter #8

R:.E:. DDGHP District #3          Wayne D. Drake, Lawrence Chapter #4

R:.E:. DDGHP District #4          Ronald J. Mozingo, Winfield Chapter #31

R:.E:. DDGHP District #5          Patrick C. Carr, Salina Chapter #18


Liberal and Goodland Degree Conferrals 

The Companions of the Grand Chapter, and Royal Arch Masons from the constituent Chapters, have been busy this year! 

There have been conferrals in both Liberal and Goodland. 

More conferrals will be scheduled for both 2022 and 2023. Be sure to watch the website and other publications for more information.

You can be a part of this exciting time by serving on a degree team. We are here to help you!

General Grand Chapter Royal Arch Masons International

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