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Anyone who is continuing their journey from the Grand Master's classes must register for this event. Other attendees should register to allow for meal planning.

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For those who are completing their York Rite experience by taking the Orders of Christian Knighthood. All others attending must register for meal planning.


Come have a banquet with us 650' underground! This is our second annual event and is open only to those who are Knight Templars and their ladies. Anyone who has registered for the Commandery Orders may attend as well.

2023 Templar Feast Logo.jpg

This is the Council Degrees for those who are continuing their journey after the Chapter Degrees. This is to ensure there are enough meals available.


For those attending the GM classes, this link will provide for payment which includes all fees and per capita for 2023 and lunches at the events.


Each year the Grand Commandery of Kansas sends one or two pastors to Israel to tour and study in the footsteps of Jesus. The raffle is good for 12 months and will allow for multiple drawings.

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