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Welcome to the Grand York Rite of Kansas

Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons

M.E. John T. Staton
Grand High Priest

Grand Council of Cryptic Masons

2024 MIGM.jpg

M.I. L. Kent Needham
Illustrious Grand Master

Grand Commandery of Knights Templar

2024 REGC.jpg

Sir Knight Gary A. Mason
R. E. Grand Commander

2024 Knight Templar Feast!

Pike's Peak Inspection Registration

The Annual Cryptic Deposit Inspection at Pike's Peak will be held on the weekend of September 13, 2024. Reservations must be made prior to July 20, 2024. The form can be found below. 


This is a great time to get together, have a few excellent meals and times of fellowship, and inspect the deposit.

The July
Winner is:

Jamie Carwell!


One ticket will be drawn each month of 2024.  Be sure to get your tickets today! For only $20 you will be entered into a raffle for $500 for each month of 2024. Don't miss out on this opportunity to help the Holy Land Pilgrimage Fund and to maybe win some cash as well!

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